Looking for new member for the Financial Advisory Committee

Warwick Township is looking for a new member for its Financial Advisory Committee this is an annual appointment, the committee meets quarterly and as needed during the day.
Members of this committee should have a solid background in finance. Pensions, investing, and banking are all areas of expertise that a typical committee member possesses. Committee currently has four (4) active members who meet quarterly at noon to review pension investments and assist with other finance needs in the Township.
Please email ctopley@warwick-township.org by October 18th if interested with your qualifications.

Comcast Internet Essentials Expansion

Comcast Internet Essentials Expansion

Comcast is thrilled to share the news that Internet Essentials has more than doubled the number of homes eligible for comcasts low-cost internet service. As of today, ALL low-income households may be eligible to receive comcasts $9.95 per month service. The expansion includes seniors and individuals with disabilities. Below is a list of documents accepted as proof of eligibility.

•             MEDICAID: card or most recent eligibility letter.

•             Public housing assistance documentation such as your lease, housing assistance payment (HAP) contract, or eligibility documentation from HUD.

•             SNAP: letter indicating you are approved for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits.

•             TANF: eligibility letter for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.

•             SSI: eligibility letter for Supplemental Security Income.

•             NSLP/Head Start: copy of a letter indicating current participation in the National School Lunch Program or Head Start, with your child’s name, the school name, and the address of where you are requesting service.

•             LIHEAP: letter confirming your eligibility for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

•             WIC: eligibility letter for the Women, Infants, and Children program.

•             FEDERAL PELL GRANT: (Colorado and Illinois only) documentation from your community college’s financial aid office.

•             VA PENSION: veterans pension eligibility determination letter from the Veterans Administration.

•             Tribal assistance eligibility letter, including TTANF, FDPIR, etc.

Many have been asking about senior eligibility, and comcasts happy to now have an option for you. Please go to comcasts partner portal  to find out more information about the program and additional eligibility requirements.

2020 Census Web Portal

In collaboration with the United States Census Bureau, and on behalf of the County Commissioners, the BCPC has created a web portal for information and resources related to the upcoming April 2020 Census.  

In addition to Census participation, there is also a link to Census Jobs. The US Census Bureau will be hiring thousands of people across the country so this is also a great resource for those seeking employment.

The census portal link is as follows:


Planning Commission Position Available

The Warwick Township Planning Commission has an upcoming vacancy. Residents who are interested in volunteering for this position should e-mail a letter of interest and resume to bmckeever@warwick-township.org no later than July 5th, 2019.

Members of the planning commission review plans and make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors.  The commission works with the Township Engineer, Solicitor, and Planning and Zoning Director to understand the applicable codes and other planning documents.  It is required that members individually review plans and communication prior to each meeting and come prepared to interact and discuss each project on the agenda.  Meetings are held at the Township offices the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm.

Construction Zone at Memorial Park- Please Keep Out for your Safety

Excitement is building for the Grand Opening of Memorial Park on July 6! The Park is Not Open for visitors due to the dangerous conditions inherent in a construction zone. Large vehicles and equipment are moving in and around the park with workers from the township and outside contractors present. Your safety is our priority and the site is not secure for the public.

Warwick Township Memorial Park will have a Grand Opening on July 6. See you then!


Construction Delay on Almshouse Rd TODAY- 5/6/2019

A section of Almshouse Road between Meadowview Drive and Wayne Drive, at the site of the recent storm pipe replacement, is being repaved today by PennDOT. Only one lane getting by at a time. Expect delays.

Pill Pods – Very Limited Quantity

The county provided the township with a very limited amount of free Pill Pods (a container to keep prescription drugs locked in). They can be picked up at the township building.

1 per householdpill pod