Brandy Mckeever, CZO

Director of Planning & Zoning

Nancy Ehrmann-Cheatle

Admin. Assistant

Ashley Casey, CZO

Zoning Officer / Floodplain Administrator

Kristen Beach

Receptionist / Permit Clerk

Keystone Municipal Services

Building Inspector

Robert Prato

Fire Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer

Services Provided:

  • Inspections: Building Code, Maintenance Code and Zoning Code Compliance
    Commercial and Residential Fire Inspections
  • Permit Processing
  • Use and Occupancy Processing
  • Land Development /Subdivision Processing and Review
  • Zoning Hearing Board Applications
  • Registrations: Contractors, Deeds,Tenants, Home Occupations & Non-Conformities

  • FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map Update *3/16/2015*

     FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map Change

    As of March 16th 2015, FEMA has updated their Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM).  The FIRM maps delineate the boundaries of the floodplain.  The boundaries of the floodplain are determined by FEMA consultants.   The new maps can be found here.

    In order for Warwick Township to remain in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), FEMA required that the township update our floodplain ordinance to reflect their new maps.  Being a member of the NFIP offers land owners within the floodplain the opportunity for reduced flood insurance premiums.

    If your property is in the floodplain and you are planning on building, reconstructing, or altering your house or accessory structures, please complete the Floodplain permit.  The permit can be found on the Permits and Forms page.

    For more information, please visit, and

    Protect Your Property from Flooding

    Real-Time Flood Reporting Gage

    Flood Factor : An online tool that makes it easy to find your property’s current and future risk of flooding, learn if it has flooded in the past, and understand how flood risks are changing because of the environment.

    Important Info. For Flood Insurance Policies


  • Deed
  • Non-conforming Use
  • Tenant
  • Contractor
  • On-lot Septic
  • A deed is a legal document showing transfer of ownership between two parties.  Deeds showing a transfer of ownership for properties within Warwick Township are required to be registered at the township level.  Every deed, since January 1st 2010, recorded with Bucks County Recorder of Deeds must also be registered with Warwick Township.  We require a copy of the deed and the deed registration application filled out and submitted to the attention of Nancy Ehrmann-Cheatle at Warwick Township.

  • According to Article XXI of the Warwick Township Zoning Ordinance, all non-conforming uses/buildings/lots/signs/etc. shall annually register their non-conformity with the Township Zoning Officer. Failure to register a non-conforming use for a period of two years may lead to the abandonment of your ability to operate a non-conforming use.

  • All tenants must be registered by January 31st of each year with the Township.

  • Contractors working on commercial projects and new residential construction are required to register annually with the Township.   Please provide proof of insurance at time of registration.

  • In order to ensure basic maintenance of on-lot septic systems in the Township septic tanks must be pumped at intervals not to exceed three years. You only need to register for the program one time but you will be notified every three years in reference to pumping your tank.

All registration forms can be found on the Permits & Forms Page.


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