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In March of 2015, the Warwick Township Board of Supervisors made significant changes to the ordinance regulating commercial solicitation (door to door sales) within the Township. The full ordinance can be found at E-Code 360. The following is a summary of several important new requirements:

  • All commercial entities must obtain a permit from the Police Department before conducting door to door sales in Warwick Township. Permit fees can be found in the Township fee schedule. Permits are not required for religious or charitable organizations.
  • With their permit, solicitors will receive an identification badge from the Township, which includes their name and photograph. The badge shall be worn at all times while soliciting.
  • Possession of a permit from Warwick Township IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT BY WARWICK TOWNSHIP. State and Federal law protects an individual’s right to solicit. The Township’s ability to regulate this practice is limited.
  • Township residents and businesses may obtain a “NO SOLICITATION” sign from the Township to be conspicuously displayed in the front window of their property if they do not wish to receive door to door solicitations. Door to door solicitation is prohibited at properties displaying this sign.
  • The ordinance only regulates “door-to-door” solicitation. Flyers placed in or on a mailbox are not regulated by Township ordinance. Contact your postmaster for information on postal regulations.
  • Any person violating this ordinance commits a summary offense. The fine upon conviction is a minimum of $375.00 plus costs.
  • If you have any doubt or concern about a solicitor, do not open the door. Call the Police Department at 215-343-0100, or use 9-1-1 if you are concerned for your safety.
  • Sample permit:

Sample Solicitation Permit