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Holiday Scams

This holiday season, while we gather with our senior relatives, please take time to talk with them about the myriad of scams that have become so prevalent today.  Let them know their grandchild’s lawyer will not be secretly calling them for bail money because they were in an accident and they have not won the gazillion dollar lottery they never entered and they don’t have to pay the taxes and fees up front to get the prize they’ll never see.  Tell them to NEVER “Click the Link” provided by Amazon or any other company or bank to dispute the “fraudulent purchase” made on their account; and they should always reach out to a trusted family member when someone or entity is asking for them to log into their account or send ANY funds by any method when they haven’t initiated the purchase or transaction.  They can always reach out to their local police department if they have been contacted out of the blue for any financial payments or information and we will be happy to assist them.  Let your relatives and loved ones know they can reach out to you in these confusing times when there are so many people trying to take advantage of them!  And the Social Security Office will not call them and will NOT suspend their benefits. We can’t reach everyone personally, but we all talk to our families and friends to make them aware of these scams, we will hopefully be able to prevent them from being victimized.  Please contact the Warwick Twp. Police Department if you have any questions about the scams affecting the elderly.